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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner bags

Exquisite, pre-loved dinner bags.!

Glam up an LBD with one of these cute little purses! :) with its intricate beading, and flapper-style designs, you'll be back to the eighties in no time! but in a good way ;)

Price: Dark Blue RM 20 Light Blue RM 15

Brand: Am unsure. Sorry!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red & Brown Floral Spaghetti Straps

Price:RM 35 each

Please specify which color you prefer! :)

Retail Price: RM 45.90

Brand: Got this from overseas =)

Size: S-L,UK 4-UK 8

Status: Red (SOLD) , Brown (Still available)

BRAND NEW!!! Never worn! =) (Apologies for the ill-lit photos =( )

These babies are just perfect for Chinese New Year, especially the red one! Check out its eye catching floral pattern, thin straps, empire waist and smocked back.! So LOVE! :) One of the pros of this top is that it hides the tummy ;) Perfect for those heavy CNY dinners that Grandma cooks every year, don't you think? Suggestion: wear a black tube inside for more coverage, and with black leggings! ;)

Note that the item will be ironed out before delivery! =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tie-dyed purple strappy top

Retail Price: RM 35
Brand: Doesn't say. But I got this from Cat's Whiskers :)

Size: XS-M,UK 4-UK 6

BRAND NEW!!! Never worn! =) I'm selling this because I don't think it looks that nice on me. Impulse purchase! :(

This tie-dyed top is totally up to the trends with its uniquely strappy back. ;) The gathered hem keeps it from being too loose and flowy with just the right amount of breathing space :) Perfect for picnics in the park, don't you think? Or you can even glam it up with a bib necklace for more pizzazzz ;)

Note that the item will be ironed out before delivery! =)

Purple Lacey Halter Top

Retail Price: RM 45
Brand: I can't remember. Sorry. I bought this too long ago, and found it at the back of my cupboard. Never got the chance to wear it :(

Size: S-M, UK 4-UK 6 (Note that from the top can be quite snug, as seen in the photos)

BRAND NEW!!! Never worn! =)

This top is so sexy and sweet at the same time! With its purple hue, slight Parisian air and oodles of lace, it'll be sure to attract attention. Show off that sexy back, girls! ;) Wear this with some killer bracelets and slim black pants. Can you say 'Je t'aime'? ;)

Note that the item will be ironed out before delivery! =)

Converse All Star Sports Top

Retail Price: RM 60
Brand: Converse

Size: M (UK 4-UK 6), S-L should be able to fit.

Worn twice since day of purchase. (There's a little red stud missing from the '16' on the shirt, as you can see from the photo, but we can assure you, it's barely noticeable :) )

This is the perfect top for jogs around the park, or exercise sessions at the gym, don't you think? ;) And in such eye-catching colors too! The red, white and blue just goes so well together :) The best thing about this shirt is, it isn't like all those exercise tank tops that cling to you like crazzzzyyyyy :) You can breathe comfortably in this top without worrying about those unsightly bulges :)

Note that the item will be ironed out before delivery! =)

Padini Authentics Ruffled White Top

Retail Price: RM 59.90
Brand: Padini Authentics

Size: S-L,UK 4-UK 6

Worn twice since day of purchase.

This sweet top with a lacey ruffle round the collar is subtly sexy :) Suggestions: pair with a versatile black bead necklace, denim shorts and some bright red sunnies for some fun in the sun!

Note that the item will be ironed out before delivery! =)